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Please, review the list of our policies and terms of service to make sure you agree with them before using our service. Thank you for your attention.

File Types

1. We require RAW files in order to make the most out of the picture. We will take a JPEG file to work on, but this is a client’s responsibility to understand we will not be able to work on light and color correction as effectively, as we could with a RAW camera file.

Make sure the picture is in focus, we will not be able to make an out of focus picture much sharper than it is.

2. After editing is done you receive a big JPEG file. We also can provide you a single layer TIFF file free of charge. Please, let us know if you will need one.

We will not be able to provide a PSD file if not stated by the client before the order is placed that he/she needs a PSD file. Our PSD file will cost you additional $2. We are not greedy, but the reason you have to tell us beforehand and pay more is that we usually flatten the layers when working in Photoshop. Not being able to flatten the layers makes our work harder and slower. If you didn’t specify that you will need a PSD file, note that the only PSD file that we’ll have is one with flattened layers. Please, state clearly that you will need a PSD file before you place the order and before you make the payment.

Retouching Standards

3. Please, make sure to choose the right retouching standard for your pictures.

$8 retouching standard works best for model tests, wedding pictures, travel photos.

This retouching standard includes: skin and body retouching, liquify, minor background clean up, advanced color and light work, perspective correction, enhancing eyes, lips, teeth and other details.

$15 retouching standard suits portraits and closeups, magazine covers, fashion, commercial photography, beauty images, lookbooks and campaigns. It is also required for an image that requires advanced skin and texture retouching, advanced background work or background cleaning, color changes and body parts swapping, hair retouching (other than images that require high end hair retouching, these will be charged after the review of original files), images with problematic skin and images with 3 and/or more people in a photo who require their skin to be retouched.


4. We provide free revisions and make corrections until you are 100% happy with the results. The revision instructions should not contradict the primary instructions you gave us when placing an order. The revision instructions should correspond to the retouching standard of your choice. For example, if you order a $8 retouching we will not be able to swap backgrounds (or change background color) , as this feature is available for $15 retouching standard only.

Please, make sure to give us an idea of what you prefer in terms of color, skin texture, level of perfection, etc. So we are better able to address your expectations.


5. We require a full upfront payment when the order is placed. We start working on your pictures the moment the payment is done and complete retouching before the deadline. The Standard delivery is 4-7 business days. The Fast delivery is 2-3 business days. Business days are Monday-Friday.

6. We proceed the payments via PayPal.

7. We do not offer any refunds after we started to work on your files. If you would like to make any corrections we will make them free of charge.

Photo Usage and Intellectual Rights

8. Retouch Tropicpic doesn’t claim a copyright.

9. We do not require a credit for our retouching, but we will appreciate if you decide to credit Retouch.Tropicpic.com when posting photos.

10. The rates for our retouching service are stated on our website for the pictures that we will be able to post in our retouching portfolio. We use the proceeded photo only as a portfolio for demonstration of our works. We will be happy to promote your photography on our social pages. Let us know if you’d like us to link to your page/account/website. The rate will be higher if you choose not to allow any usage of the photos we retouch for you. You will need to state it clearly before placing your order and you will be given a quote.

11. In case we edit your pictures for magazine submission and you want us to postpone usage of the edited photo in portfolio until the photo is published, we can do this. We will appreciate if you send us the tearsheet via email after the photo is published. We are eager to create beautiful editorial images.

Pornographic Images

12. We rarely turn down the order. We are lucky to work for the photographers with great sense of style. We prefer NOT to work with low-res files and explicit content (pornographic images). We are okay with artistic nudes, topless and tasteful nude images.